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Matthew’s focus is on building and maintaining successful relationships with A2B’s clients and partners.

Having started his career in sales in retail, from a very young age Matthew identified that large corporates often only paid “lip service” to the idea of customer service being “at the heart” of what they do, all too often customers being treated as a simple transaction. Sitting in monthly review meetings, Matthew would often find himself being frustrated when colleagues would talk about individual targets and sales, rather than the positive results they had delivered for customers and, ultimately, the business.

Taking this learning and experience with him, Matthew went away to set up two of his own businesses in travel and retail which were founded on the idea that, ultimately, the success of his business was built on the success of the businesses and people he served and worked with.  So, every interaction with a customer or a supplier is to be treated as engaging with a key partner; no matter how big or small the query, the motivation is to deliver the best outcome, with the customer or supplier’s needs individually assessed and then 100% of the energy of him and his team is put into delivering on their objectives. These businesses continue to grow with this culture firmly embedded.


With this track record in mind, Mathew and his fellow founders at A2B have identified a gap in the market for card payment services where customers and partners can truly expect to receive “best in class” service; beyond the simple transactional relationship they may have previously experienced.

Matthew’s own reflection on his approaches are simple “it’s common sense, isn’t it? If you want to be successful, you’ve got to genuinely care about the the people you work for and with”.


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