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Here at A2B we only supply the latest payment technology, with all connectivity types to cater for all of your business' requirements. 


We guarantee we are always up to date with latest payment methods, ensuring that our clients have the ability to take all types of payments and are never unable to process a transaction.


We understand every business is different and our bespoke pricing plans are tailored made to ensure that card payments are not just efficient but cost effective.



Terminal connected via ethernet to your router, not mobile and perfect for countertop service. 


Connected via the WIFI, mobile within range, allowing table service with a range of movement. 


Connected via a roaming SIM card that will connect to any mobile network available, fully Mobile around the UK, perfect for clients that are constantly on the move or have previously experienced WIFI connectivity issues. 



Built-in GPRS Sim Card

The SIM card connects to the strongest mobile network, so you can take payments anywhere.

Long Lasting Battery Life

The battery lasts a day, so you can charge it overnight. In-car chargers are also available.

Light & Durable

It's light so easy to carry, with you in your bag, but sturdy and durable.

Easy to Setup

You can set the machine up yourself, and start taking payments as soon as it arrives.

Fast Thermal Printer

Print a quick receipt for you and your customer with its fast integrated printer.

Hotline Consultant


We understand that having a good support network is fundamental. This is why we supply a personalised service meaning all of our clients have a dedicated account manager. One element of support is never enough, this is backed up by a dedicated team for all customer service and technical issues. We understand every business is different and requires different support at different times, all of our clients have a 24-hour helpline facilitated by our strategic partner. Three layers of support, supporting every business, 24 hours a day. 

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